EXPERT TALKS PROGRAMME for Saturday May 25th Dying to Know?


11:30 Short Films  – The Last Laugh with Alexi Sayle and Why Dying Matters to Me

12:00 “Wills, Power of Attorneys and other legal questions “ Lisa Law, Innes & MacKay

Failure to leave a Will could result in your Estate being distributed in a way that you may not have wished. Should anything happen and you are unable to look after your own affairs, whether this is a medical problem or as a result of an accident, your family will be unable to attend to your affairs without a Power of Attorney.  Lisa will talk about making a Will and Power of Attorney and answer questions about other legal aspects of preparing for illness or death.

12:40pm “Anticipating Your Care” Adrian Baker, local GP

Looking at your care in the future and what you would like to happen to you if / when you become unwell, Adrian will give an overview of what medicine can offer, decisions about resuscitation, the importance of Power of Attorneys and how to let people know your wishes.

1:20pm “Children – Honesty or Protection ?”  Roseann Anderson , Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland

The impact of bereavement on children and young people can be particularly acute and far reaching. Adults often have a need to protect them from death and the dying process. However, we need to be honest with them, explaining what death means at a level they will understand. Roseann will share her experience of the impact of death on children and young people and the simple ways all adults can best help children adjust to the death of a loved one.

2pm “Work of a Soul Midwife” Delphine MacMillan, Soul Midwife

Soul Midwives are non-medical companions who guide and support the dying in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death – reducing the fear of the inevitable is key to their work. Delphine will share an insight into how she involves people who are dying, and their families, in the dying process.

2pm “Finance Options” Chris Wallace, Macleod and Macallum

Finances are a concern for many people. Chris will share his expertise on planning for care home fees, equity release and inheritance tax planning.

2:40pm“Funeral Rituals” with Rev Steven Manders and Rev Nicola Alan

Nowadays there are many and varied ways to celebrate a life and acknowledge a death. Steven, Nicola and a humanist celebrant will share their experience of creating and conducting funerals from the christian, interfaith and humanist perspectives and facilitate a discussion on the purpose and benefit of funeral rituals.