Housekeeping Project

The prevention of homelessness is a key strategy of the Scottish Government. Nairn and Moray CABs have obtained funding through the Scottish Legal aid Board to provide advice, information and representation about homelessness, and housing issues in general.

People most often come to see us about rent arrears, mortgage arrears, repairs, tenancy problems, or getting somewhere to stay. Often there are other benefits or debt problems and we have specialist money advisers who can help you.  We also offer court representation for arrears cases.

The most important points to make are:-

  • Seek advice early
  • Do not wait until a situation become serious – we never turn anyone away for coming to see us with a simple problem.
  • Do not bury your head in the sand – usually the first step (seeking help) is the hardest. Once that is done:
  • The vast majority of landlords and mortgage lenders do not want to evict people – they want to work out an arrangement which is acceptable to everyone.
  • Get in touch!


The CAB service is confidential, impartial, independent and free.