Make Work Fair For Young People

Make Work Fair For Young People

24th October 2019

Do the Rights Thing campaign
Make Work Fair for Young People

Launches 4th November 2019

Citizens Advice Scotland research has shown that the current employment landscape that young people are navigating is particularly difficult. Wages don’t correspond with the cost of living which is increasing and can leave people vulnerable and with a lack of resilience to cope with demands on finances. Young people (aged 25 and under) navigate this turbulent landscape often in employment on zero hours contracts, living on national minimum wage - or less - and can pay inflated or unaffordable rents.

Recent research also shows that young people are twice as likely to be in insecure employment which could potentially expose them to vulnerability in the workplace. This is compounded with the knowledge that young people are less likely to be confident around their employment rights, leading to a sense of dis-empowerment.

Our campaign seeks to raise awareness of young people’s rights at work, empowering them to take action on issues and increasing their public confidence and awareness, whilst working with national partners such as NUS Scotland, Young Scot, Scottish Trades Union Congress and the Poverty Alliance and supporting the Living Wage Foundation’s ‘Living Wage Week’, we will be seeking to get a fair deal for young people.

For information on:

Wages/deductions/wage slips

Sick Pay

Holiday Pay

Contracts/Terms and Conditions


Working hours and breaks

Parental and Carers Rights


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